List of chromosomes

Chromosome 11

Chromosome 11 Chromosome 11
From papyrus to the internet

From papyrus to the internet

Humans have always searched for ways to classify the knowledge they have acquired.

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weight problem

BSX: Without this gene, the regulation of calorie uptake is disturbed, thus leading to weight problems.

marble bones

TCIRG1: gene coding for a protein involved in proton transport. When defective, this gene causes marble bone disease (osteopetrosis), a rare genetic disease characterized by abnormally dense bones.

shaping life

YAP1: Gene coding for a protein that not only has a role in cell proliferation and tissue regeneration but also in organ shape and size control.


CDHR5: Gene coding for a protein involved in the formation of microvilli on the surface of some epithelial cells.

Coriander or soap

OR6A2 : More than 15% of Europeans are said to have a genuine aversion to coriander. For them, this aromatic herb TASTES like soap, or even crushed bedbugs. This profound aversion seems to have a genetic explanation: a genetic variation in the OR6A2 olfactory receptor.


TYR: This gene is involved in melanin synthesis, a pigment found in skin and hair.

an Olympic medal?

ACTN3: This gene codes for a protein which is important in the structure of muscles that are used during rapid and intense effort. About 18% of the population has a shorter form of the ACTN3 protein, and this difference is associated with greater physical endurance!

our body’s timekeeper

CRY2: This gene codes for one of the proteins involved in the regulation of our biological clock.


LDHA: This gene codes for an enzyme involved in the production of lactate, during physical activity for instance. Lactate accumulation causes muscular pain.

a certain flair

OR10A5: Group of genes involved in the perception of smell.

a taxi for oxygen

HBB: This gene codes for hemoglobin, the protein which transports oxygen in our blood.

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