List of chromosomes

Chromosome 14

Chromosome 14 Chromosome 14
A career in bioinformatics

A career in bioinformatics

Bioinformatics touches all aspects of the life sciences. It is a recently evolved scientific field with surprising and diversified professional opportunities.

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Cell profusion

AKT1: Gene involved in the occurrency of outgrowths in certain tissues. Certain variations of this gene influence the effects of cannabis…


SETD3: Gene coding for a protein which modifies proteins that are required for smooth muscle contraction of the uterus during delivery.


IGHG1: One of the genes that codes for antibodies – an essential part of our immune system.

silencing proteins

DICER1: This gene is involved in regulating the synthesis of certain proteins.


CALM1: This gene encodes calmodulin, which perceives changes of calcium concentration and transmits the information to other proteins.

5% hereditary

PDEN1: This gene is associated with Alzheimers disease.


CHURC1: This gene codes for the Churchill protein. It was named after the famous victory V sign made popular by the statesman, which is similar to the shape of the protein. CHURC1 is involved in neuron development.


CN1H1: This gene codes for the cornichon protein which binds to the Gurken protein – Gurken meaning gherkin in German.

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COCH: This gene is associated with congenital deafness.

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