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What is a genome 'sequence'?
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The human genome is composed of 3 billion nucleotides called A, G, T or C. Here is an example of a fragment of the genome: …ATTGCTTTCAAACTTTT… If you read this text at the speed of 2 letters per second, you would need about 50 years to read it all!

Which of the following propositions is wrong?
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Proteins carry out all kinds of different tasks. Which of the following tasks do not involve proteins?
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Which of the three trees of life below is correct:
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A gene is not:
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In evolution, the more distant species are, the more differences there are in their protein sequences. Knowing this, which one of the following combinations is correct?
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Which of the following describes the structure of DNA?
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Though human beings have (almost) identical genomes, there are about 3 million differences between the genomes of two people! Which of the following propositions is wrong?
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What is bioinformatics?
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On earth, all forms of life come from a common ancestor (called LUCA) and are therefore all related. As a result, is it possible to say that ‘man descended from the ape’?
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These days, it is still possible to:
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If you want to be a bioinformatician, you need to:
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What is it that reveals a person's identity in their hair?
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Here is the sequence of a protein fragment, \'GATGAPGIAGAP\', which was found in the bone of a Tyrannosaurus. To which fragment below is it the most similar?
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Tyrannosaurus collagen is very similar to a chicken\'s! What can be inferred from such observations is that a species of dinosaur must have survived the mass extinction which occurred about 250 million years ago. A descendent of one of these dinosaurs is expected to be the common ancestor of all birds.

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Every cell and each tissue (liver, heart, brain...) produce different proteins. Why?
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There are a number of proteins which cause serious diseases when they are defective. Among the diseases below, which is not caused by at least one defective protein?
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AIDS is a disease brought on by a virus, and is therefore not caused by the malfunction of one or more of our proteins.

Down syndrome is caused by the presence of 3 copies of chromosome 21 and is the most well known trisomy in humans. Why?
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Babies carrying other types of trisomy are usually stillborn or die shortly after birth.

The integrity of our genes is protected by our body because they are essential to life. However, certain genes are sometimes modified. What could be the consequences?
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Some genetic diseases (colour blindness, hemophilia, etc.) are more frequent in boys than in girls. Why?
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The genes that cause these diseases are on chromosome X, of which every girl has two copies in each of her cells (XX) and boys have one copy (XY). If a gene is ‘ill’, girls can usually ‘compensate’ with the other copy, while boys cannot.

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