List of chromosomes

Chromosome 15

Chromosome 15 Chromosome 15

The eyes have it

We are all different. Yet our DNA is very similar.

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fat administrator

PLIN1: This gene is involved in lipid regulation in our cells.

Endless Smoking

CHRNA5 : one of the genes associated with nicotine dependence. A variation in this gene has also been linked to heavier smoking and a lower likelihood of successfully quitting smoking.


FBN1: gene coding for two proteins: 1) fibrillin-1 which is the major component of connective tissue and 2) asprosin, a hormone that is secreted in white adipose tissue and is involved in glucose regulation in the liver, muscles and the pancreas. This gene is associated with Marfan syndrome (distorted skeleton).

Scissors and COVID-19

FURIN: This gene codes for a protein that cleaves other proteins. It facilitates human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infections by cleaving the coronavirus spike proteins.

creator of networks

HOMER2: This gene codes for a protein which is essential for neuron connection.

molecular breakdown

CYP1A2: This gene is involved in the degradation of certain molecules, such as caffeine.

dear antlers, …

ANXA2: This gene is involved in the regeneration of deer antlers, and is also found in humans!

the colour of skin

SLC24A5: This gene is involved in the synthesis of melanin, a pigment found in our skin, our hair and our iris.

one too many…

GABRA: This gene codes for a protein which has an important role in the effects of alcohol.