List of chromosomes

Chromosome 1

Chromosome 1 Chromosome 1

on guard

ISG15: gene coding for a protein that plays a key role in the innate immune response against viral infections, both inside and outside infected cells.

The human genome odyssey

Imagine a very long text written by using only 4 letters: A, T, G and C. Three billion of these letters – spread over 23 chromosomes – are linked to one another to form our genome. This is what constitutes our DNA, our biological identity and the genetic heritage that we pass on to our children.

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PARP1: gene coding for a protein involved in DNA repair. When it binds with another protein, HPF1, like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that lock to become a different shape, their active sites add up to create a novel one. PARP1 in the presence of HPF1 is still involved in DNA repair but acts differently.

Heat production

ALPL : gène codant pour une protéine qui joue un rôle important dans la minéralisation des os et des dents …et dans la production de chaleur en cas de besoin.

Blood type

SMIM1: Gene involved in the formation of red blood cells. A particular mutation of this gene is associated with a very rare blood group called Vel-negative.


TRNP1: This gene is involved in brain development and the formation of grooves.

beautiful hair

TCHH: Gene involved in producing hair. Certain variations of this gene are associated with frizzy hair.


PM20D1: Gene involved in the regulation of body temperature.


FMO3 : When defective, this gene is involved in the release of disagreeable body smells (rotting fish).


SRGAP2 : This gene is involved in brain development. This gene is present in 2 copies in humans, but only once in great apes. The additional copy, called SRGAP2C, could have boosted the brain of our ancestors by increasing the number of connections between neurons.


BRDT : This gene is involved in making sperm and is an ideal target for male contraception.


ACKR1: This gene codes for the Duffy blood group antigens. Individuals who do not produce the Duffy FY(A-B-) antigen are more resistant to certain forms of malaria.


a sixth sense?

VN1R5: This gene codes for a pheromone receptor.

eternal youth…

KISS1: If this gene is dysfunctional, puberty stalls. A way of staying young?


COX2: This gene codes for a protein which is targeted by aspirin.

taxi for fat

ApoAII: This gene is involved in the transport of fats in our blood.


CRP: This gene codes for a protein which induces tissue repair.

chromosome scaffolding

HIST2H4A: This is one of the numerous genes that code for histone proteins. The characteristic architecture of a chromosome is due to the way DNA is wound around histones.

a painful story

PDE4B: This gene may be involved in the action of certain kinds of medication (antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs).

boy or girl?

RSPO1: Gene involved in gender determination.

the effects of cannabis

CNR2: This gene codes for a receptor which binds to one of the components of cannabis.


TARS1/ TAR1S2/ TAR1S3: Groups of genes involved in the perception of sweet and umami tastes.