List of chromosomes

Chromosome 21

Chromosome 21 Chromosome 21

Proteins: our body’s workers

The human body is made up of hundreds of thousands of different proteins that all have a specific role. Some are involved in blood clotting or oxygen transport, while others amplify sound in our inner ear or transmit nerve signals. Proteins produce energy, cut, glue, carry, transmit… And they interact with each other. How can a scientist find out what a protein does?

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scissors, prostate and COVID-19

TMPRSS2: This gene codes for a protein that cleaves proteins involved in prostate physiological function. Facilitates human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infections via the proteolytic cleavage of ACE2 and coronavirus spike proteins.


SUPYN: this gene (also called ERVH48-1) is derived from a virus that became embedded in our genome millions of years ago. The corresponding protein may play a role in the fusion of the embryo with placenta and might help the placenta protect embryos from viral infection.


TMPRSS3: This gene is essential for the survival of ciliated cells in the inner ear. When defective, it is associated with congenital deafness.

“because I’m worth it”

KRTAP10: Group of genes involved in the texture of our hair.


CSTB: This gene may be involved in epilepsy.