List of chromosomes

Chromosome 9

Chromosome 9 Chromosome 9

Art and bioinformatics

Artists have always found inspiration in science. And art is singular in that it can make science more human by shedding light on the beauty and elegance of the tiny world we are made out of.

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DMRT3: gene involved in movement coordination. In some horses, this same gene plays a role in the animal’s ability to perform certain types of trots, what is known as the pace.

anti-COVID19 target?

CTSL: gene coding for a protein that facilitates coronavirus SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 infection via the cleavage of the coronavirus spike protein. CTSL is the target of potential anti-COVID19 drugs.


XPA : this gene is involved in DNA repair. The system, however, is not perfect. As a result, a few mistakes are kept and turn out to be indispensable for the evolution of the species.


TLR4: This gene may be involved in nickel allergies.

une histoire de soutien

COL5A1: Gène codant pour un type de collagène, protéine abondante dans les os, la peau et les cartilages.

A, B, AB ou O ?

ABO: Gène impliqué dans la détermination de notre groupe sanguin – A, AB, B ou O.

a passage for water

AQP3: This gene codes for a protein – aquaporin – that acts as a channel for ferrying water molecules throughout our body.

traiter la sclérose en plaques

IFNB1: Gène codant pour l’interféron béta, une protéine utilisée dans le traitement de la sclérose en plaques.

testicular architect

DMRT1: This gene could be involved in the development of testicles in many species – ranging from mammals to reptiles, including birds.