List of chromosomes

Chromosome 7

Chromosome 7 Chromosome 7

A gene to say it

Humans are the only animals that can make sentences – with words, and using grammar and syntax. And it is precisely for this reason that scientists have been looking for THE language gene, which is responsible for giving humans what other animals do not have, in other words speech.

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capsid taxi

PEG10 : gene of viral origin, coding for a protein capable of packaging its own messenger RNA and transporting it elsewhere in the body. This protein plays a role in placenta formation and in the development of certain cancers.

Cytokine storm

IL6: a gene coding for a protein that is believed thought to play an important role in the disruption of the immune response, leading to a so-called ‘cytokine storm’, which worsens the condition of patients with COVID-19.

Alzheimer resistance

RELN: gene coding for a protein involved in neuron organization in the cerebral cortex and cerebellum. A particular mutation in the RELN gene protects against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and was found in a patient with another genetic variation associated with an early onset of the disease, but who did not develop dementia.


ACTB: Gene coding for an actin, a protein involved in cell motility… but also in DNA repair by promoting motility of damaged DNA.

cells that multiply

BRAF: Gene involved in cell proliferation and associated with skin cancer.

turn it down

SLC26A4: This gene is associated with congenital deafness.

long lifetime

SERPINE1: A gene involved in the dissolution of blood clots. Variations of this gene are found more frequently in centenarians…

colour blindness

OPN1SW: This gene is involved in recognising the colour blue. When it is defective, it is associated with ‘blue colour blindness’.

a bitter taste

TAS2R4/TAS2R38: These genes code for proteins involved in the perception of bitter compounds.

hungry? full…?

LEP: This gene is involved in regulating our appetite.

cystic fibrosis

CFTR: This gene is associated with cystic fibrosis.

pump up the volume

SLC26A5: This gene codes for the prestin protein which is involved in hearing. It is a fast-working protein, hence its name.

an Olympic medal?

EPO: This gene codes for EPO, a hormone that stimulates the production of red cells and can thus increase an athlete’s performance.

the beginnings of the placenta

ERVWE1: This gene is the remnants of a viral infection in our distant ancestors, and could have played a role in the emergence of the placenta in mammals. The corresponding protein is called Syncytin.

on fertility

ZP3: This gene codes for a protein found on the egg’s surface, which is recognised by the sperm.

a passage for water

AQP1: This gene codes for a protein – aquaporin – that acts as a channel for ferrying water molecules throughout our body.

energy maker

CYCS: This gene encodes a cytochrome, a protein which is involved in producing energy in our cells.