List of chromosomes

Chromosome 3

Chromosome 3 Chromosome 3

The limits of bioinformatics

One of the strengths of bioinformatics is to predict. In particular, computer programs are able to reveal the existence of a gene on a chromosome or a protein’s structure. But bioinformatics has its limits. Here is the story of ghrelin and obestatin, two proteins which play a key role in the regulation of our appetite.

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HMCES: This gene codes for a protein which preserves genome integrity by promoting error-free repair during DNA replication.

sperm only

RPL39L: Gene coding for a ribosomal protein specific to male germ cells. RPL39L is involved in the quality control of protein synthesis in a ribosome that is specifically necessary for sperm formation and male fertility.

respiratory failure?

LZTFL1 : a variant in this gene is associated with higher susceptibility to respiratory failure among COVID-19 patients (Caucasians (only).

COVID-19 and Neanderthals

A gene cluster (50’000 bp) which was inherited about 40,000 to 60,000 years ago from Neanderthals and is associated with a major genetic risk for respiratory failure upon SARS-CoV-2 infection.


SETMAR: A gene that humans and apes probably acquired from a marine organism some tens of millions of years ago. It codes for a protein which plays an important role in the integrity of our genome.

stop aids

CCR5: This gene codes for a receptor to cytokine. Certain versions of this gene are associated with resistance to AIDS virus infection.

night vision

RHO: This gene is involved in night vision.

on length

CRBN: This gene codes for a protein which is involved in brain, blood vessel and limb development. This protein can bind to thalidomide, a drug which was prescribed to pregnant women in the late 1950s.