List of chromosomes

Chromosome 8

Chromosome 8 Chromosome 8
4. 7

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liquid blood

PLAT: This gene is involved in dissolving blood clots.

black and white

CNGB3: gene coding for a protein that is essential for detecting red, green and blue colors. People who have certain variations in this gene see in black and white (achromatopsia).


IDO1: A gene which, under certain conditions, allows cancer cells to shun our immune system.


RP1: A gene that plays an important role in vision. A defect in this gene is responsible for retinitis pigmentosa.

new bones

CA1: This gene is involved in bone regeneration and is associated with osteoporosis.


TRPA1: This gene is involved in the perception of cold, pain and irritations that are due to certain pigments or tear gas.

on art and psychosis

NRG1: People with variation in this gene could have a predisposition for creativeness but may also be subject to a certain form of psychosis.


DEFA1/DEFA3: Group of genes involved in anti-microbial defence.

grey matter

MCPH1: This gene is involved in regulating the size of our brain.