List of chromosomes

Chromosome 4

Chromosome 4 Chromosome 4

Gene, tell me who you are and I’ll tell you where you’re from

To understand how the processes of egg laying and lactation began, scientists have to choose genes that are essential to both.

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KIT: This gene is involved in the synthesis of melanin, a pigment found in skin.

the size of a skeleton

FGFR3: Gene involved in bone development.


UCP1: Gene involved in the regulation of body temperature.


ABCG2: This gene codes for a protein which actively extrudes a wide variety of physiological compounds, and dietary toxins from cells.


HTT: This gene is associated with Huntingtons disease, a particularly serious neurodegenerative disease.

chromosome scaffolding

H2AFZ: This is one of the numerous genes that code for histone proteins. The characteristic architecture of a chromosome is due to the way DNA is wound around histones.


This region carries no genes


ADH: This gene is essential for alcohol detoxication.

the tips of our fingers

SMARCAD1: This gene is involved in the formation of the epidermal ridges on our fingers. When it is defective, people are born without fingerprints (immigration delay disease), which can create problems at customs…

our body’s timekeeper

CLOCK: This gene codes for the clock protein which is involved in regulation of our biological rhythms.

on the edge of madness

GABRA1/GABRA2/GABRA4: Groups of genes involved in the harmful effects of absinthe consumption.

bye bye bacteria

TLR1: This gene is involved in the fight against bacterial infection.


This region carries no genes

roller coaster

OTOP1: This gene is involved in the perception of acceleration (lifts, roller coasters…)… and encodes a receptor for sour taste.